Outside Pop Up Camper Accessories

Trailer Hitches

Always purchase the correct wiring, lighting and locks that are designed for your specific camper trailer. Get straps hooks and shields that will protect the load from being released if the hitch breaks.

Pop Up Camper Trailer Covers

Your pop up camper should come with a trailer cover, which will probably need replacement after a few years. Protecting your trailer from the elements is important, so cover your trailer up. Invest in a high quality trailer cover.

Grills and BBQ Sets

Coleman All In One Cooking System
An all in one system that includes a stove grate, grill grate, smooth griddle and stock pot. This Coleman all in one cooking system is propane powered. A great addition to any pop up camper.

George Foreman George-To-Go Propane Grill
A portable propane style of the famous George Foreman grill, that is suited for outdoor use. A good addition to any pop up camper.

Kuuma Electric Grill
If propane grilling isn’t your style, this Kuuma electric grill is perfect for the inside of your pop up camper. It’s easy to clean with removable drip tray.

Deluxe BBQ Tool Set
If you’re planning on doing any BBQing, you will need quality BBQ cooking tools to get the job done. This is a cheap yet very handy set of tools for any BBQ that comes with a nice carry case for easy storage.

Bicycle Accessories

Bike Racks
Bicycle racks are handy if you do not have a toy hauler platform for additional space. They usually come in 2 or 4 bike rack configurations.

Bike Locks and Chains
If you’re getting a bike rack then a bike chain will be needed to hold it in place. Also adds extra security for your bikes.

Storage Boxes

Exterior storage boxes are great for that extra storage space that all pop up campers require.


Shade awnings allow you to sit outside under shade so you won’t get sunburn or rained on. What you are looking for is a canopy made of vinyl that is attached to the camper and extends out at an angle. A good model to buy is one that has mesh nets that will keep out pesky mosquito’s.