Inside Pop Up Camper Accessories

Kitchen Appliances

Portable Refridgerator and Freezer
This handy device can switch between being a fridge and a freezer with the flick of a button. If your pop up camper doesn’t come with a fridge, this is most a most useful device for keeping food fresh and drinks cool. An excellent comfort addition.

RV Microwave Ovens
Another great addition to any pop up camper. Be sure to choose the right microwave oven that can handle lots of travel. Dometic Microwaves are built for RVs, so check them out.

Stove Top Ovens
Good additions for any RV but entirely necessary if you’ve got a BBQ grill and microwave oven already. A good quality RV stove top oven would be the Amana Oven Range and Cooktops.

Bedding and Furniture

Electric Blankets
Extra comfort and heating can be a big plus. Good addition for any pop up camper, as the bedding equipment that comes standard in any RV typically isn’t the best.

RV Mattresses
Most pop up campers come with mattresses that aren’t exactly the best in the comfort area. Fitting your own mattress can really help the old back. They are quite costly but the additional comfort factor does help.

Folding Tables
The great thing about folding tables is that they save space. There is never enough space in a pop up camper and you’ll always need more table top space!

Shower and Bath Products

Soap Dispensers
Flimsy bottles of soap, shampoo and conditioner can be handled easily with handy dispensers. A quality addition that is cheap to buy. If this isn’t for you, a shower rack is another quality addition, but the bottles can still fly around.

Towel Racks
Dry your towels with towel racks that are installed onto doors to save space.